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Various research articles regarding hypnotherapy.
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Mail online 14th June 2011
Hypnotism 'speeds up cancer op recovery and cuts chance of it returning'.

Hypnotherapy research American Health Magazine
Feb 2007
Does Hypnosis Work?

The Guardian 2004
Hypnosis not just a stage trick.

The Independent 2007
Hypnotism: It's all in the mind.

BBC 2003
Hypnotherapy for IBS

Science Daily July 2010
Cigarette cravings result from habit, not addiction.

BBC news online -Tuesday, 29th June 2004
Hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment.

Alice D. Domar Ph D
The relationship between stress and infertility

2006 - Hypnosis with IVF 
A case-control study

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A Joyful Birth

Advantages of HypnoBirth

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