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Mail online 14th June 2011
Hypnotism 'speeds up cancer op recovery and cuts chance of it returning'.

Hypnotherapy research American Health Magazine
Feb 2007
Does Hypnosis Work?

The Guardian 2004
Hypnosis not just a stage trick.

The Independent 2007
Hypnotism: It's all in the mind.

BBC 2003
Hypnotherapy for IBS

Science Daily July 2010
Cigarette cravings result from habit, not addiction.

BBC news online -Tuesday, 29th June 2004
Hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment.

Alice D. Domar Ph D
The relationship between stress and infertility

2006 - Hypnosis with IVF 
A case-control study

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A Joyful Birth

Advantages of HypnoBirth


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Hello and welcome to my website offering Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnosis for Fertility and Hypnosis for Birth near Elgin, which is within easy reach of Kinloss, Lossiemouth, Nairn, Buckie and Forres.
Psychotherapy Counselling Hypnotherapy Elgin
The therapies include  
The Fertile Body Method, HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant, Hypno-Band, hypnobirthingHypnotic Gastric Band, Emotional Freedon Technique (EFT), NLP, Past Life Regression Therapy and Spirit Release.

You will receive a confidential, professional and non judgemental approach to therapy which will be tailored to your individual needs. A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used to maximise effectiveness to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

Whilst I have experience in many conditions, I have a particular interest and experience in pre-conceptual care, fertility issues, pregnancy and hypnotherapy for weight issues.  I am a Hypno-Band Licensed Practitioner, offer Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy for weight control and also offer hypnotherapy for past life regression.
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 HYPNO-BAND - 5 session programme

Phone 07956 100580 now for details

For more information on HYPNO-BAND please visit


Hypnotherapy - how it might help you?

Imagine what it would be like to be free from your problem whether fear, phobia, habit or addiction!  See yourself with your new, positive thought process - a changed person.  What would that enable you to do?  What would you feel like?  How would you look?

Hypnotherapy may help a wide range of problems and conditions whether to break a habit, lose weight, treat a phobia, resolve emotional issues from the past, to achieve positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Even after one therapy session you might notice a significant difference -  "I now feel in control of my eating.  My weight is dropping steadily."  Lorna, Watford

After two therapy sessions - "It's brilliant.  I don't have to drink several pints of beer before I get on a plane."  Anna, Rickmansworth.

After three therapy sessions - "I now understand why I developed the eating problem. It's great to have dealt with it.  I have a much more sensible approach to what I eat." Mark, Croxley Green.

Hypnosis allows your mind to accept certain thoughts which in turn will change your attitude so enabling you to either do the things you want to do, or not do the things you don't want to do but can’t seem to stop. It is the gateway to reprogramming old and unwanted behaviour patterns or to create new positive ones. 

  • Hypnotherapy  A natural and effective therapy which might help with many conditions such as fears and phobiasstress and anxietyaddiction and habits such as smoking. It may be successfully used for weight loss and also many physical problems and emotional issues. 
  • Weight loss using HYPNO-BAND, 5 session programme - please phone for details.

  • The Fertile Body Method and Hypnosis for Fertility  Hypnosis to enhance fertility and increase the likelihood of conception.

  • Hypnobirthing - The Wise Hippo programme. Techniques for childbirth to help you have a natural, easy, comfortable and drug free birth.  Hypnobirthing couples can be seen in their own homes, in my home or attend my HypnoBirthing classes.   Classes are for a maximum of 6 couples.

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